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Arrogant Southerners Collide! National Title Game LIVEOPENBLOGTHREAD


YOU ARE LOOKING LIVE... at Terrence Cody in his natural environment.

In one corner, this year's iteration of Unstoppable SEC Wrecking Machine, led by the Sabanbot 3000.  In the other corner, this year's iteration of Flashy Big 12 Offensive Powerhouse, led by Mr. Aw Shucks.  At stake?  A pretty little crystal football.  More importantly, it's the last college football game of the year.  After this, all we have left until fall is wrestling and (gulp) basketball. 

Game's on ABC; Musberger and Herbstreit have the call.  Here's the place for your idle musings and insane rantings.  As always, be nice -- no slurs, no porn, no streams, and no picking fights.