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Last-Minute Orange Bowl Notes

Last-minute injury updates:

Final Thoughts:

Watch for Iowa to pass early, if only because (1) it could help Stanzi find his rhythm and shake off the rust, and (2) it will loosen up a Georgia Tech defense that will almost certainly keep a safety up in run support.  Watch time of possession; teams that have beaten Tech this year have kept the BEES offense on the sidelines.  Watch Adrian Clayborn, who is likely the one Iowa defensive player who could completely disrupt the triple option (especially since his position is most important to Nesbitt's option decision-making tree).  Watch Georgia Tech's pretty new uniforms, which are designed to look especially good during a curbstomping.

This game is a contrast in running styles; not running styles in the sense of zone blocking vs. triple option, but in the sense of a horse race.  Georgia Tech is a frontrunner in the most basic sense of the term, devastatingly effective when ahead and nearly incapable of winning in any other fashion.  Iowa hasn't found a fourth quarter deficit it didn't love.  Say what you will about Swingin' Dick Stanzi (and they've said plenty), but he is undefeated in games he's completed since Halloween 2008.  This quarterback -- while sometimes frustrating -- and this defense -- while sometimes susceptible -- and this staff -- while sometimes ultraconservative -- exude more confidence than any other group I've seen in black and gold.  I can't believe I'm the one to ignore the mathematical argument, but did anyone doubt this team would find a way back with 90 seconds left against Michigan State?  Did anyone doubt this team would find a way back when down 14 to Ohio State?  Does anyone doubt them now?

Some do.  Georgia Tech is now a 6-point favorite, just the way Kirk Ferentz likes it.

They have no fear of the underdog.  That's why they will not survive.