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As we mentioned this morning, Ricky Stanzi was in the house last night at the Iowa-OSU game, and he fucked around and got a triple-double was signing autographs for the appreciate Iowa fans. You know... real Americans.*

But while he endorsed our Americanzi t-shirt with little more than a signature, our Warrior-Patriot had a bigger message for at least one lucky fan with an Orange Bowl poster:


Indeed, in just three short weeks, what was an impassioned cry tothe people of the Midwest has grown into a movement, one that calls us all to action. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT, people, and it goes for everything. Someone at the dinner table grimacing at the chicken mash you made? Love it or leave it. Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'. If you ain't first, you're last. Matt Damon.

So now we've got a presidential ticket and a campaign slogan. Next up: time to move those polls. Hey, if Stephen Colbert can poll 5th during primary season, Leman/Stanzi can get at least 2nd in Iowa. What party, you ask? Why, the Lemon America Party. It's on, America. Love it or leave it.

*That's the new code for "white people," right?