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Hawkeyes Capture Massive Korean Teen Girl Demographic In Music Video


Wait, what? That's... that's AWESOME!

Okay. This came through on our FanShots, and, um... wow. It's a video of some South Korean pop dance band. We don't really know who they are or how popular they are, but the fact that the video has 700,000 views in two days is probably a decent indication that we're dealing with a popular group.

As "SFW" conventions go, it's totally safe and innocuous, but, y'know, it's nine young Korean girls dancing around in typical pop star outfits. IT wouldn't be irate, but a wandering supervisor might not be impressed. Really, you watch this type of thing at work at your own peril. So if you're willing to watch, this is "Oh!" by Girls' Generation (we don't know either); more importantly, go ahead and skip to 0:28, which is where the awesome starts.

Good lord. That makes Dance Dance Revolution look like Rock Band: Simon and Garfunkel. Now I have a headache. Anyway, yes, that's a Korean girl band who are taking turns adoring a Hawkeye helmet. It's in like 10 different shots. And no, we have no clue why. Absolutely no idea. What we do have, on the other hand, is plenty more pertinent screencaps of the International Tigerhawk Adventure after the jump.




So how about that? Our quarterback may love America, but South Korea's young popstar ladies love our Hawkeyes. It's like a love triangle, except not at all.

Speaking of which, we're aware that this video satisfies many, many sexual proclivities. We're not dumb. Still, do us all a favor and please refrain from telling us how it applies to your preferences in the comments. No, seriously. We don't want to know at all. Don't make this weird and uncomfortable. You know what'll help? Just... just pretend this is your marriage and keep your desires to yourself.

(Terrorist fist jab to King Video Ninja HFMR for the screencaps, and very terrorist fist jabs to fanposter Shooter McGavin. You're doing the Lord's work, sons.)