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Ricky Stanzi Is a Fan of Anyone Who's a Fan of America

At last night's game, plenty of Hawkeye football players were on hand to be feted at halftime for the Orange Bowl--and to socialize with adoring fans and sign autographs before and afterward. From BHGP commenteur MattBednar's Twitpic feed:


YESSSS. YES YES YES. In the unlikely event you couldn't tell--and also because we want to see it spelled out--that's Ricky Stanzi's autograph on BHGP's very own "PROUD TO BE AN AMERICANZI" shirt (buy yours here if you don't already have one, Stalin). Put that thing in a glass case and hang onto it for 20 years, Mr. Bednar--when Stanzi's elected President Badass, you'll be the richest man on the block. Or Vice President Asskick.