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Gigantor Live Thread Sunday Part El Deuce: Iowa vs. Hoosiers

Wow, what an exciting game contest between the Colts and Jets! Such late-game drama! Nobody could have seen that ending coming! Intrigue! Drama! Magic!What we can be sure of is that our resident heroes, Dallas Clark and Shonn Greene, performed to the best of their abilities and that everyone went home knowing the maximum effort had... had been... okay, fine. So we wrote this part before the Colts-Jets game was even played. We admit it.

But SO FUCKING WHAT. Nobody's reading this for the factual value of the preceding NFL game and its thread. You can go to Blue Stampede Stampede Blue or Gang Green Nation for that.. We're here to see the Hawkeyes try for their first (and likely last and only) college basketball road win of the season.

Their target is the Indiana Hoosiers, who have bounced around the consistency spectrum enough for a 9-9 record and a reputation for being able to beat all but the top 50 teams in the nation... and being able to lose to just about anybody. Iowa can be that somebody, people. It's completely unsporting, but beggars can't be choosers--and Iowa's been on the "beggar" end of that equation since about six years ago. We take what we can get.

Anyhoo,it's Iowa in a hostile environment, and it just might end in a road win for the first time since... okay, this isn't factually correct, but whenever we ask our browsers, it responds "since for-fucking-ever." So it goes.. It's been a long damn time. Time to break that streak.