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Gigantor Live Thread Sunday Part El Uno: Colts vs. Jets

This should be a good afternoon for Hawkeye fans. After all, both teams in the AFC Championship feature Hawkeyes as emerging stars on offense; Indianapolis has just ridden Dallas Clark to his first Pro Bowl appearance at tight end, and Shonn Greene is in the middle of a delightful coup d'backfield at the Meadowlands. We should be happy about whatever happens.

And yet all the same, this seems like a perverse Sophie's Choice all the same; it's utterly inarguable that Clark hasn't more fully paid his dues every step of the way, while another mammoth Greene performance plants him at the forefront of the Jets' backfield until at least 2015.

We'll put it like this: if one of the two scores more touchdowns than the other, his team is a prohibitive favorite in the Super Bowl Odds. We have no idea which of the two (if even applicable) will fill that role. They'll probably both get chances. And the game should be awesome, awesome, awesome to watch.

Y'all know the rules, I'm sure. No slurs, no porn or gratuitous booby stuff, no links to unauthorized streams of the game. Otherwise, let's do this. We say Indianapolis 24-13 and reserve the right to be embarrassed by our inaccuracy afterward. Leave your predictions so you may be so similarly mocked.