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WE'RE TALKIN' BASKETBALL: It's Short For "Miniature Sota"

If you turn on the Big Ten Network right now, you'll see a funny thing. It's Iowa basketball. Iowa basketball is a funny thing. Not "ha-ha funny", more like, "funny, I thought we'd have at least one guy who'd get to 10 points today."

Today's opponent is Minnesota, which means this is kind of a rivalry game or something. Pretty sure motivation and effort haven't been the main limiting factors for Iowa this season. It's been sending underclassmen to do upperclassmen's jobs. Let's hope the Gophers have food poisoning or swine's flu or something to make this competitive for 40 minutes. Or maybe the team can feed on the energy from the packed Carver-Hawkppfffffhahahahaha, sorry, I couldn't finish that sentence. Our crowd is fucking awful.

Open thread is rightchere, all customs are in effect, and let's have some fun.