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DJK Gave the Ref Some Lovin' ...and Other Reasons Why Iowa Won the Orange Bowl

There's not a lot to say about Iowa's victory in the Orange Bowl that hasn't been said already (which is what happens when you wait 2 weeks to post something about it),  so I'm going to let these videos do most of the talking.  Here are five or six of the most important reasons Iowa won, backed by solid video proof.

Video Evidence #1:  Intimidation.  Adrian Clayborn briefly considered eating Georgia Tech's punter.  In the end, he thought better of it and just sort of stared at him.  However, his message was clear: If he so chooses, he will fucking devour you. 

No thanks.  I had an offensive tackle for lunch.


Video Evidence #2:  Speed.  Iowa's hobbled quarterback was faster than Georgia Tech's All-American First Round Draft Pick Defensive End.  

Whatsamatter?  Can't catch him?  That's ok.  Everyone is slower in the NFL. You'll be fine.


Video Evidence #3:  Voodoo.  There was a Hawkeye on the ball.  When GT was on offense, the golden tigerhawk would magically make their ball carriers appear slow and ineffective.  And you saw what it looked like when Nesbitt tried to throw it, right?  When Iowa had the ball, it clearly spiraled much better.  They're lucky we didn't score 200 points using that thing.

See that?  It's a Hawkeye.  Right there on the football.

Video Evidence #4:  Karma.  Ricky Stanzi pleased the karma gods by returning a Georgia Tech player's shoe.  There's a decent chance that the GT player might not have even noticed it was gone and finished the game shoeless, but Stanzi played the part of the good samaritan and returned it to him.  His generosity was returned tenfold by the Georgia Tech defense, who then allowed him to drive for the winning touchdown. 

Too bad, because it would have made a nice chew toy for Ace.

Video Evidence #5:  Favoritism.  Derrell Johnson-Koulianos figured out how to get on the ref's good side.  HOW IN THE WORLD DID NOBODY SEE THIS?

He did pretty much whatever he wanted after this.


Video Evidence #6:  More favoritism.  The back judge saw it.  And he liked it.

I'm sure no one will notice.  They never put me on tv.