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Enough Is Not Enough, So Enough Is Enough!

The Seattle Seahawks hire Pete Carroll. The USC Trojans hire Lane Kiffin. The Tennessee Volunteers hire Troy Calhoun (no, not him) HO HO HO DISREGARD ENTIRELY. Even at South Florida, the Bulls have poached Skip Holtz.

What's the common theme? That Kirk Ferentz wasn't seriously considered for any of the jobs. It says a lot about the state of Iowa football that such dominant programs as USC and Tennessee--two teams that would probably beat Iowa by 50, if the national perception's correct (and it always is)--won't even sniff at Ferentz as he toils away at a functional mid-major like Iowa. It was bad enough when he was rumored to leave; now, it's even worse.

Clearly, if we can't be badgered yearly with rumors that Ferentz already has one foot out the door, then that can only mean that he's not a very good coach. We deserve better. After all, if Ferentz is only good enough for Iowa, then he's not good enough for Iowa. Iowa should fire Ferentz immediately and try to hire a real coach who's interested in getting to the next level, just like Lane Kiffin.