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WE'RE TALKIN' BASKETBALL: But Tennessee Isn't Even a State!

So here's the deal. Tonight, there's a basketball game with the Iowa Hawkeyes, and there's probably no way in hell you're going to watch it.

Here's why: there's a Big Ten game on ESPN tonight between Ohio State and Purdue--you know, the good teams in the BXI--that tipped off at 6:00. Robbie Hummel's going fucking bananas, go check it out. Because of that, the Iowa game contractually cannot tip off before 8; that way, ESPN maximizes ratings and everyone's a winner.

Except, one little problem: the Iowa game isn't even on television. AT. ALL. It's not on the BTN; that's Penn State and Illinois. ESPNU has Northern Iowa and Bradley. Even the Mediacom Connections channel, Iowa's last refuge to at least show up in the state, has opted for Drake and Missouri State.

So unless you feel like ponying up $2.99 for choppy, skippy, low-quality video from the BTN--which, frankly, wouldn't be a suitable price for a ticket to the actual game these days--you're not watching the game.

There's literally like 6,000 people, altogether, in the entire world, who are going to watch this game live. And that's fucking depres--JESUS CHRIST USC HIRED LANE KIFFIN. HOLY SHIT.

Open thread. If you're watching the game, well, that sounds like a lie. No you're not. But you can talk about whatever here.