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Christian Ballard Will Knock You Out

There were many fantastic plays in the 21-10 demolition of Penn State last week, but the absolute hammering that Christian Ballard delivered to an unsuspecting Penn State dude on Pat Angerer's interception return may have been my second-favorite of the night (after Adrian Clayborn's infuckingcredible punt block and score).  If you haven't seen it yet (look at the top half of the image):

(H/T to N8dogg99 on Hawkeye Report)

BOOM motherfucker indeed.

I don't know if I've seen an Iowa guy hit someone that hard since Marshal Yanda absolutely erased an Iowa State guy on a block in 2006.  Ballard hit him so damn hard his own helmet flew off.

That play, and all your other highlight needs from 21-10 can also be satisfied by this highlight video:

We Own....PennState - Sick Puppies (via KChawkeye02)

(or, if you want the Linkin Park version, click here)