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"Hlow about thlat hlairplane food, hluh?"


Ah, episode three.  The episode where things start to get serious, where you've move past that, "So, where are you from?" small talk and get to the bigger issues.  Like the implosion of your backfield.  Like violation of child labor laws by a conference powerhouse turned sweatshop.  Like prohibition in Wisconsin.

And who better to join us for this, the last week of the offseason (and the first week with software to kill the sound problems), than Mike Hlas?  Mike (or Hlaser, or El Hlaserino if you're not into the whole brevity thing) writes about Iowa athletics and just about everything else for the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  He also writes The Hlog, which sounds vaguely pornographic and changes URLs every three months, but is actually safe for work and totally worth the semiannual scavenger hunt.  This episode was recorded just hours after PAKIBOMB took out Eastern Iowa; it's kind of like watching Cloverfield.

Also, Black Heart Gold Podcast is now available on iTunes.  You can download individual episodes or subscribe for weekly updates.  Technology: It's wicked awesome.