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Return Of The Bulaga

(Bulagas are very territorial animals, so don't move. If you stand still he won't attack.)

Iowa's nasty line play just got even nastier. With all due respect to Riley Reiff, who was admirable in his relief duty (and, in all likelihood, the prohibitive favorite for Next Man In Award), it's time to welcome Bryan Bulaga back to the lineup.

From Morehouse's presser notes on Twitter:

Bulaga cleared, back this week. Prudent and smart with [Tony Moeaki].

Thyroid condition with Bulaga. Cleared, no further problems, not on medication the rest of his life.

Illness that hit and has now passed, Ferentz said of Bulaga.

Obviously, this is outstanding news for the young man and the Iowa line. Bulaga wasn't out with an injury, so the only thing that's going to keep him back from his dominant self is rust; this full week of practice and an Arkansas State game should be all he needs to shake that loose, and he should be back up to 100% for the week of practice for Michigan. On that note, we express our deepest sympathies to the family of Michigan DE Brandon Graham, because Brandon is about to die.