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Whose Suffering Brings Us More Joy?

We've said it multiple times: sad fans will never get old. Helpless in their seats and (often) ridiculously adorned, their expressions of horror and dismay bring light into our lives--mainly because we are awful people to begin with.

On that note, we've got quite the conundrum in regards to last weekend's game. Rather than argue the merits of which win was better - you can't really quantify something like that - we're stuck on whose Ridiculous Forlorn Fan suffers the worst. Of course, we'll be needing your help, readers.


Sad Penn State Girl 2008: Simple, tragic, and with the added bonus of real tears. Anyone can look glum; it takes a real football fan to go 1000 miles to cry over your team's crushed dreams.


Sad Penn State Girl 2009: No tears here, but at the very least, a ridiculous lion (or bear?) suit that nobody should wear outside the window of October 29-31.

So... who's your Schadenfreude Queen?