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21-10, motherfuckers. That second half was an utter demolition. It's a win over Penn State, one that Iowa earned. In accordance with history, this calls for one thing and one thing only:


Aside from that, a few quick notes for the night:

1) Penn State Student Health has offered to provide free emergency contraception to the 110,000 fans who were impregnated by Adrian Clayborn tonight.

2) Daryll Clark, welcome to the Officially Bitchmade Gallery. We've saved a seat next to Matt Scott and Austen Arnaud for you. Your cocktail for the night is your own tears.

3) Not to take anything away from Arkansas State, but October 10 is going to be awesome.

So while we dance around our living room naked, we'll leave you this open thread. Feels pretty damned good.

[From commenter Hawkeye X, in this thread: "I wish I had ten dicks so every team in the Big Ten could suck me at the same time." God bless you, sir.]