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I need to pick a shirt.

Let me be clearer: I have three shirts to choose from for today, and I need some help. The choices:


1986 Rose Bowl -- Worn to every home game since 2002, the '86 Rose has seen some highs and lows. It's beautifully vintage, what with the charging Herky and Transformers typeface. Of course, it's also paper thin and has a finger-sized hole in the back. What might take it over the top is the fact that I've worn it for both Iowa State and Arizona, with positive results.


1991 Rose Bowl -- Not quite as vintage, not quite as ridiculous, but classic. I've never actually worn this shirt on gameday, mostly because it's smaller than '86 (too small for me until recently) and a ringer shirt. With that said, it could be full of mojo and I just don't know it yet.


Stanzi is the Manzi -- Awesome for obvious reasons. Makes it easy to identify people who don't suck at the local pub; anyone who doesn't laugh isn't worth talking to. Would be the obvious pick, except it has been worn during a game only once, in the 17-16 win over UNI. Bad karma.

Vote below, and join us for the early games.