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Pick 6: Week 3

Welcome to this week's Pick 6, where we analyze the lines for the weekend's Big Ten games and each pick 6 of our favorite bets. It's highly scientific. It's easy money. It's just for fun. So, clearly we are not responsible for you losing your ass off if you take our advice.

First, let's have a look at last weeks results:


Jesus, two out of six? Nice job, asshole. Way to clearly differentiate between the journalists and the janitor. Do you guys need me to empty the trash for you? Fuck.

In my defense I was looking at sweet, beautiful .500 until Michigan State jumped offside and gave CMU a 2nd chance to hit the over. Way to get it done, Sparty.

Other highlights included Minnesota coming out of nowhere to shock the #1 team in the nation, so three of us got burned on that one. And OPS and HS both took jNU to cover, which ended in them both eating a shit sandwich.

Which leads me to Gambling Golden Rule #1: Never fucking bet on jNorthwestern.

This week's picks after the jump.

We're adding a new facet to Pick 6 this week by bringing in a commentor off the streets to join in on the festivities. You know him as The Mexican't.....and from the looks of it he's making his picks by closing his eyes and randomly pointing at teams. (This, remember, is coming from the guy who took Wisconsin to cover last week even though their entire team had swine flu.)



Which reminds me of Gambling Golden Rule #2: If jNU only needs to cover 3 points against Syracuse, it's ok to pick them.