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Pick Six: Week Two

Welcome to a new feature at BHGP, wherein your humble writers offer up their take on the gambling-related corner of the weekend's Big Ten action.* The way it works is we take a look at the spreads and over-under lines for the games and make some combination of six picks from that information. And, no, you didn't miss Week One, but it seemed kind of dumb to label this week "Week One," since it's the second week of the college football season... otherwise you end up with stupid shit like calling a game MADDEN '10 even though it comes out halfway through 2009.

*- It should go without saying, but obviously Pick Six is for entertainment purposes only. We can't be held responsible for any money you should happen to lose by following our (dumb) advice. It's not like we have any money, anyway.  Apologies for the shitty formatting, too.  I hate tables.


Matchup (favorite) SPREAD O/U Hayden Fry's Mustache Ride Oops Pow Surprise RossWB Hawkeye State
Western Michigan at Indiana -1 52 Indiana Indiana    
Fresno State at Wisconsin -8.5 53 Wisconsin   UNDER  
Syracuse at Penn State  -28.5 53.5     SYRACUSE  
Central Michigan at Michigan State -14.5 53.5 UNDER OVER MICHIGAN STATE CENTRAL MICHIGAN
Iowa at Iowa State -6.5 45.5 UNDER UNDER UNDER UNDER
Notre Dame at Michigan -3 51   OVER    
Air Force at Minnesota -3.5 47.5 AIR FORCE AIR FORCE   AIR FORCE
USC at Ohio State -6.5 46.5       OHIO STATE
Purdue at Oregon -11.5 59.5 OREGON   PURDUE OVER
Eastern Michigan at Northwestern -19.5 52.5   jNWU UNDER jNWU