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Unfortunately, "Nine Toe Norm" No Longer Applies

Per HawkMania, Norm Parker's down to eight little piggies. Naturally, he doesn't give a shit:

Parker showed up at the Hawkeyes’ media day on Friday with one foot in a walking boot, the result of recent surgery to remove an infected toe on his right foot.

"I lost a toe when I was on vacation," Parker said. "I had a blister on my foot. One day it rained bad and water filled my fishing boat. I went out to bail the water out, the blister got infected and all of a sudden it was bye, bye toe."

Of course, the last time Parker lost the toe was 2004, and all Iowa did that season was go 7-1 in the conference. Clearly, the two factors are closely related and anything less than 6-2 is a bitter disappoint to all fans and, more importantly, the amputoe.

Shame, really; Nine Toe Norm is an awesome nickname. Or was, anyway. Eight Toe Norm doesn't work as well. Any ideas for a new nickname? Is "The Ocho" too played out?