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7, 6, 5... Or More Precisely: Banks, Dwight, Shaw

Last weekend marked our last Saturday without college football until January. Just think about that if at any point you start getting bored this week. It's coming. It's almost here. Get ready.

The two days of this past weekend, combined with today, are the 7th, 6th, and 5th day until the Iowa season starts. Hmm, what players have worn those numbers recently? No, can't think of a single one. Well, we'll have to get obscure, but...


Said Banks after the game: "Winning was fine, but come on, they're just Northwestern..."

Highest accolades: Heisman Runner-Up, Davey O'Brien Award Winner, AP College Player of the Year, Second-Team AP All-American, Unanimous First Team All-Big Ten, Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, Chicago Tribune Silver Football Winner (2002)
Best Game: 2002, vs. just Northwestern (seen above): 10-10, 197 yd, 3 TD; 5 rush, 54 yd, 2 TD
Lasting memories: Going to the Big House and dissecting Michigan on their Homecoming; against Purdue, when he... oh, hell, this:


Remember this game? Wally Richardson does.

Highest accolades: Consensus All-American, 1st team All-Big Ten, 7th in Heisman voting (1997)
Best Game: 1997, vs. Indiana: 1-1, 64 yd, 1 TD; 3 rec, 53 yd, 1 TD; 92-yd PR for TD; one announcer screaming "SUPERMAN WEARS #6 AND PLAYS FOR THE IOWA HAWKEYES!"
Lasting Memories: This unbelievably mansome return in the middle of a comeback vs. the Spartans; the boos cascading from the Big House in 1997 after Dwight's punt return TD ended the first half, giving Iowa the 21-7 lead. The rest of the game never happened.


We don't know why this one's in black and white; it's not like Sedrick is dead.

Highest accolades: First team All-Big Ten (1996), All-time leader at Iowa in single game, season, and career rushes, career rushing yards, and career rushing TDs
Best game: 1995 vs. MSU: 42 carries, 250 yd, 1 TD
Lasting memories: Bitch-making the entire ISU defense; Bouncing, weaving 20 yards for the backbreaking score in the 1996 Alamo Bowl over vaunted Texas Tech. Shaw whipped off his helmet and woofed harder than DMX in the middle of a mountain of cocaine. Shaw was penalized 15 yards for the display. It was so, so worth it.

Ah yes. Surefire finalists as Iowa's best ever at their respective positions. All fan favorites in their own distinctive ways.

So let's put this to a riotously unfair poll, shall we? Yes, let's. And since "nuff said" certainly isn't going to qualify as a reason between the three players, leave your reasoning in the comments. Let's have some fun.