Just saying.

As you know, the Iowa d-line coach with too many consonants in his name said none of the three all-world DEs we got on this team would move inside. He said that a couple of days ago.

Ya, like we should believe that.

Yesterday I wrote on some lonely outpost of a forlorn university fan blog, I think it was in Pennsylvania?, basically, that this was total bullshit. I think we have the opportunity to kick the shit out of PSU, but that's only because they're playing graduated D-III schools for the first four games of the year, and we'll probably lose to the psycho-OC at ISU and be really upset about it, prior to going to State College, Pennsylvania.

Gee, Ballard played most of the day at tackle today? Quel surprise!

Why would Coach Kzcsssmmki betray our trust this way?

What will Morehouse do to exact revenge for Coach Kzcsssmmki's grotesque lie?

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