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You Are Testing Our Limits, Washington Redskins

An insult to Ladell is an insult to the University of Iowa and to wonderful city of Blue Springs, Missouri. How dare you all.

Ahem. Sirs, that man is Ladell Betts, not "Ladell Bettis". He was one of the rocks upon whom Kirk Ferentz rebuilt this Iowa program. He is a man of exceptional skill and class, a gentleman to the core. Quite unlike us in all respects, as a matter of fact. You disrespect his name and his identity at your own peril.

Fortunately, it's a Friday, and we don't lose our tempers on Friday. It's a religious thing. HOWEVER, either Washington issues a formal apology to Betts, offers him the starting HB role as a sign of contrition, and sends us a cashier's check for $75,000... or we bring the BEEF. This is our serious face.