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Tonight we unveil our newest creation:  Black Heart Gold Podcast, wherein we get together once a week to make the same jokes we make in print, only now they're recorded so you can hear our voices!  Well, at least some of our voices; for episode one, Oops Pow Surprise joins the festivities from a cellphone while serving time in an underwater Turkish prison.

This week, we discuss all the burning questions, from DJK to EPIC GREENWOOD to the defensive line, with esteemed sportswriter/blogger Marc Morehouse.  For those of you who have been living under a rock, Marc covers the Hawkeyes for the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  He's also the writer of the only Iowa-centric blog that changes URLs more frequently than we do, On Iowa.  You might know him from half the articles we hyperlink each morning.   He's smart, he's witty, and he's memorized the depth chart.  The sound quality will improve once we know what we're doing, but we doubt the content will ever be better.  Have at it.

(NOTE: We've embedded a player for your listening pleasure.  You can right-click and "Save As" on the link below it if you want to download the podcast to your hard drive and upload it to your listening device of choice.  We're working on getting uploaded to iTunes so that you can subscribe.)