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25 Years Ago To The Day, Something Magical Happened

No, it's not the 1939 awesomeness from yesterday, but whiile we're waxing nostalgic about historic wins, why not this one from literally over 7 centuries ago? It's Iowa facing San Diego State in the 1986 Holiday Bowl, and the hated Aztecs had just taken a 38-36 lead on the good guys. Cue the other brother Harmon:


By the way, that's absolutely vintage Hayden: collar over the jacket, white pants whenever the hell he feels like wearing them--calendar be damned--and the sharpest set of aviators since the Luftwaffe (what? they were good at airplane-flying. Fine, since the RAF. You happy now?).

Yes, Iowa won the game (sorry for not giving you a spoiler alert, but as we mentioned before, it's been like 50 years), but they weren't done punishing the Aztecs for giving them the scare in the first place. Years later, the Fry Intelligence Agency would install Chuck Long in the SDSU head coaching spot, running the program into the ground in historic fashion. Imagine Long is the young man at the beginning, the boss is the AD, and the chair is football:

Take that, you bastards.