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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It Is In A Hurry

Oh hey, the daily links! You all waited so patiently for them.

Worse yet, one of those 4-star guys was just Tim Dwight with a fake mustache: Hlas doesn't break a ton of new ground here, but just for reiteration's sake, recruiting in Iowa is usually a pretty bleak proposition.

Cut it out. Make him stop being honest and low-key and make him say something utterly insane: Morehouse posted a 9-minute interview with Ferentz from the Big Ten festivities. Enjoy.


Hey, thanks for the attention, guys. You know you're going to get destroyed here, right? Maize n Brew previews the Hawkeyes. Nothing you didn't already know, but more coherent than most previews. Speaking of which, our Michigan preview: 10/10/09, 56-3. Bring it.

We care enough to ask the question, but not answer it: The Las Vegas Sun wonders how much revenge factors into games like Penn State-Iowa. This seems possible to prove or disprove. The Sun, naturally, doesn't even bother trying.

Money money money money moneyyyyyyy: The BCS' top money conference? It's the Big Ten, baby. And you'll never guess who, between Oklahoma and Iowa, has more income (yes you will it's Iowa ahahahaha suck my nuts Sooners).

Take it away, Doug: "Uncle Joe [Biden] is the one who'll be plying you with Harvey Wallbangers, surreptitiously making the jerk-off gesture while Aunt Whoever brags about the great colleges her kids have been accepted to, and encouraging you to check out the funbags on the girl cousin so-and-so has brought to meet the family for the first time. Then, while the rest of the family is falling asleep in front of "It's a Wonderful Life," you, Joe, and the rest of the cool cousins go downstairs to smoke cigars and watch the unrated version of "Old School.""

And finally, cue the Arvydas Sabonis googlepervs: Sabonis, or "the Ukranian Erin Andrews," finds himself on a list of sperm clinic celebrity lookalikes. Just... just think about that for a little bit. Just... wow.