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Will Brinson Rush for 2000 Yards in 2009?

No, of course not. Jeff Brinson probably won't even rush for 1000.

In fact, the only reason I'm posting this article is because blogger Will Brinson made the mistake of telling me he has a Google News alert out for his name, and you should never, ever tell me something so ripe for abuse. The over-under on posts that are titled "Will Brinson [insert generic achievement] in 2009?" is probably around 40 now.

But there is a deeper purpose for mentioning Mr. Brinson (Will, not Jeff). I'm writing with him over at the Buster Sports college football blog these days as well as at the regular day job at Sports by Brooks. Check out my first installment, in which Kirk Ferentz and Joe Paterno talk about Twitter. Real-life quotes only, not a dialogue (sorry). Enjoy anyway.