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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link to It Doodles on a Tablecloth

Loose, non-Media Day ends from the past couple of days:

No surprises at defensive end.

Fun With Depth Charts.  UI football released the final pre-camp depth chart.  Just a few surprises:

  • The injured Julian Vandervelde has been moved from co-first team left guard to first team right guard, reflecting (1) the continuation of Ferentz's "best five players" principle on the line, (2) growing confidence in Dace Richardson's ability to contribute significant minutes at left guard, and (3) a lack of progression from Dan Doering (now listed as second team right guard) and Andy Kuempel (in his annual free fall out of the depth chart, now co-second team left guard).  It looks like Doering will start until Vandervelde is healthy, which may represent his last chance to cash in on that never-realized five-star potential.
  • Marvin McNutt is still the first team wideout, with Colin Sandeman and DJK listed as co-second team.  This is either confirmation that McNutt is a serious contender as a wide receiver, or the continuous motivation of Johnson-Koulianos.  I'd still bet more on the latter than the former, but the scales tip more toward McNutt with each successive depth chart.
  • DAS PAKIBOMB is all alone on the second line at halfback.  Previously, he had shared that spot with Jeff Brinson.  Not entirely surprising, given O'Meara's experience and pass blocking ability.  If there is a need for significant carries from a backup halfback, I still think that back will be Brinson.

Still no decision on backup quarterback or the full rotation at defensive tackle, though a decision on either at this point would be a shock.  Rafael Eubanks has the top line at center and Jordan Bernstine at left cornerback, though it remains to be seen how concrete those two positions are.

ROOSEVELT RAN THE SPREAD ON THE DIRTY SPANISH.  Hail to the Orange's Toki Wartooth scores the story of Big Ten Media days: JoePa diagramming the 1942 Brown offense on a tablecloth:

Then I noticed that in front of Paterno, right next to his cup of coffee there was something written on the table cloth So I took a picture with my camera phone.


Can you tell what it is? Thats right its a play diagram.

Apparently Paterno wanted to demonstrate some of the intricacies of the spread offense to the reporters. The story was related as follows by one the photographers who heard the whole thing. (Note: All of this is paraphrase, not direct quote)

Joe wanted to show the reporters that the spread offense was nothing new, in fact according to Joe, "we were running it back in the '40s!"

Joe then proceeded to draw up an example of how he would run the backfield at Brown, drawing it up on the table cloth next to his coffee with a pen.

"Sometimes I would hand it off to him, sometimes to this guy, some times I would take it myself and sometimes I would throw it. But I couldn't throw for beans."

Paterno went on to describe how the single wing went out of fashion when those damn flappers took over the country and, much like the buzz fade and the Lord our Savior, only came back with the ascention of Tim Tebow.

They go X-Ray When Hayo Carpenter is on Campus.  "Big Ten Snark of the Week" is not a sanctioned conference award, but it should be, and it should be given to Storminspank this week and throughout the month of August for this little bit of brilliance:  Brewster Goggles!  Not only do they make Eric Decker look like Jerry Rice, but they make all chili look hot and all sportswriters look morbidly obese.


  • A Gazoo fluff piece on the relationship between Todd and John Lickliter (a piece that, as a coach's kid, I thoroughly enjoyed) included this quote from Todd on how the father and son handled this spring's mass transfers: "He’s probably been the more mature one than me at times.  He knows that I’m their coach and there’s frustration, it’s probably not always pleasant and easy and It think he accepts that. But it doesn’t influence the way that he approaches things."  Not exactly what you want to hear from your coach, but at least it's the truth.
  • Phil Steele's Experience Rating, the calculation of which demands the full-time computing power of three NASA supercomputers, two MIT-trained mathematicians, and one fast-talking Georgia fan, ranks Iowa #28 nationally and #2 in the conference in returning experience.  The top team in both categories is none other than Minnesota.
  • The Big Ten Bloggers' crazy uncle, SpartyMSU, previews Iowa.  The results?  Sparty 24, Hawkeyes 21, ellipses 13.
  • Iowa ranks #12 in this year's Princeton Review party school ratings.  Penn State beats out Florida for #1.  Now if they could only do the same on the football field...