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It's a TREMENDOUS Life, Part 1


Brewsterpowericon_medium   I don't WIN FIGHT COMPETE TRY understand, Joel.
Maturiicon_medium   Well, you see Tim, we built TCF Bank Stadium
Brewsterpowericon_medium  WOO THE VAULT
Maturiicon_medium   We built it with some basic revenue projections.  The new stadium holds 48,000, so we need to sell about 34,000 season tickets to break even.  If we don't sell that many seats, we can't make the progress payment to the bank for construction.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  Well, how many TREMENDOUS COMPETE BEAT IOWA TERRIFIC season tickets have we sold so far?
Maturiicon_medium   17.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  Should we WIN FIGHT TRY have a bake sale?  That always worked for me!
Maturiicon_medium   We owe $46 million.  A bake sale isn't going to get it done.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  How about a car wash?  We could call it a 'topless car wash,' then not wash the tops of the cars LOL.
Maturiicon_medium  Why did you say LOL?
Brewsterpowericon_medium  It's Twitterific.
Maturiicon_medium  No.  There will be no car wash.  And stop talking in Twitter.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  So what are we going to do?
Maturiicon_medium   We're out of options, Tim.  TCF Bank is going to foreclose on TCF Bank Stadium.
Maturiicon_medium   No it's not.

Brewsterpowericon_medium  Sure it is. 
Brewsterpowericon_medium  It's like rain on your first day in your new stadium.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  It's a free ride when you've already failed to get a passing ACT score. 
Brewsterpowericon_medium  So it's like half my team.
Maturiicon_medium  Well, here comes the banker...
Dibiaseicon_medium   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA
Dibiaseicon_medium   EVERYBODY'S GOT A PRICE
Maturiicon_medium  Tim, I think it's best you go.  There's no need for you to watch the final demise of Minnesota football.  We'll discuss your contract some other time.

Brewsterpowericon_medium  I can't WIN TRY COMPETE FIGHT WIN WIN WIN believe it all fell apart.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  I can't beat Iowa.  I can't beat Wisconsin.  I lost the jug to the worst Michigan team in a generation.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  I'm a disaster.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  I wish I never would have been hired as head coach.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  There is a bridge.  Time to Twitter.


Brewsterpowericon_medium  Goodbye, cruel FIGHT TRY TREMENDOUS FANTASTIC world...

- Meanwhile, miles above Brewster -

Icongoldy1_medium   Bronco Nagurski was good.
Icongoldy2_medium   Yeah, Nagurski was a good player.
Icongoldy1_medium  ...
Icongoldy2_medium  ...
Icongoldy1_medium  Bruce Smith was good.
Icongoldy2_medium  The guy from the Bills?
Icongoldy1_medium  No, the other one.
Icongoldy2_medium  Oh, yeah, he was pretty good.
Brewsterpowericon_medium  Goodbye, cruel FIGHT TRY TREMENDOUS FANTASTIC world...
Icongoldy1_medium  Did you hear that?  This is your chance!
Icongoldy2_medium  Chance for what?
Icongoldy1_medium  Chance to get your wings!  You have to save Tim Brewster!

To be continued...