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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It Is Stuck in the Doldrums

I Got Nothing.  You know it's been a slow news week when the biggest Iowa-related story of the last two days is the BXI blog season preview.  Rittenberg believes Iowa will split the road schedule (which, let's face it, is the best possible realistic scenario), Stanzi will be all-conference, and Spievey and Angerer will keep turnovers high.  I can't disagree with the first two.  However, expecting interception totals to stay up when (1) most conference quarterbacks return with a year of starting experience under their belt, (2) Illinois (and pick-happy Juice Williams) rotate off the schedule, and (3) the Iowa run defense almost has no choice but to regress, meaning fewer passes from opposing offenses, might be expecting too much.

This Man Is a College Football Hall of Famer.


And rightfully so.  Not only was he a legendary nose tackle at Florida State, but the Nation of Domination pretty much created The Rock.  A grateful nation salutes you, Ron Simmons.


  • Morehouse completes his "Hall of Ferentz" series by fixing a couple of errors and explaining some selections.  He still refuses to include Kevin Kasper, who is the school's all-time leader in single-season and career receptions, yet was inexplicably ranked behind Clinton Solomon and Mo Brown.  Otherwise, I can't really argue with anything he said.
  • An interesting comparison of Hayden Fry's first decade at Iowa with Ferentz's initial 10 seasons.  The categories are slightly arbitrary, but the conclusion is basically correct: Aside from the inexplicable losses to Iowa State, Ferentz matches up favorably with The Great Mustachioed One.
  • In what might be history's greatest mainstream media cripple fight, Gregg Doyel attacks Paul Finebaum over Urban Meyer rumormongering.  This is the college football equivalent of Jeffrey Dahmer criticizing John Wayne Gacy for killing all those innocent people.