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The New Roster With Numbers For Freshmen Is Out. Yes, You Do Too Care

Rivals released the updated roster for the 2009 iteration of the Hawkeyes, so's you can update your NCAA 2010 rosters and all. Oh, and there's vitals for the players as well. Height and weight, we mean, not blood pressure*.

First, the freshmen:

3 - Brandon Wegher (RB)
6 - Keenan Davis (WR)
9 - JoJo Pregont (WR)
13 - Josh Brown (DB)
18 - Micah Hyde (DB)
23 - Jordan Cotton (WR)
35 - Martin Hopkins (DL)
37 - Shane DiBona (Porn Star**)
38 - Brad Rogers (RB)
41 - Jake Reisen (FB)
50 - Drew Clark (OL)
59 - Conor Boffeli (OL)
70 - Brett Van Sloten (OL)
72 - Matt Murphy (OL, Mose)
75 - Scott Covert (DL)
76 - Nolan MacMillan (OL)
79 - Dominic Alvis (DE)
80 - Dakota Getz (TE)
83 - Stephane N'goumou (WR)
96 - Tyler Harrell (DL)

Cool stuff. Not much to take from the guys' heights and weights--for veterans, they're taken verbatim from last season's official roster--but Brandon Wegher is already at 206 pounds, which happens to be a pound heavier than the listed weight of one Dr. Pythons, Jordan Bernstine.

Other than that, the tallest players outside of the offensive line are... a punter and wideout, both 6'6" walkons. Eric Guthrie is the punter, and the lanky WR is one JoJo Pregont, who has an awesome name. Pregont turned down a scholarship to Illinois State to attend Iowa as a walk-on. Being that he's so tall, we're assuming he's lacking some top-end speed, which Doyle may or may not be able to imbue into the receiver. Guthrie, meanwhile, has the misfortune of spending two more seasons behind cannon-legged nutball junior Ryan Donahue.

So yeah, for now, Cotton's a WR, Wegher's a tailback and kick returner, and other than that, no surprises. God, the season needs to start already.

*Casey McMillan's blood pressure, if you were curious, is "leaded." This is no surprise, as he has not been declared street legal in decades.
**Or linebacker, if you want to be all factual and shit about it.