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Degenerate gamblers unite!

Let's face it.  It's July.  I'm bored.  You're bored.  Sports is a barren wasteland right now, unless you care passionately about sports where men (and occasionally women) try to hit a ball with a stick (or club or racket).  Or if you care about riding bicycles around France or dudes driving around in circles.  So why not join me in indulging your inner degenerate gambler and playing Streak for the Cash on  Sure, you may be able to win a little money if you're good at it, but more importantly you'll finally have a reason to give half a crap about that Mercury/Lynx WNBA game or that Nationals-Marlins day game.  If you're game, head over here; the group name is "BHGP Streaking Club" and the password is "hawkeye".