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Ed Thomas, Head Coach of Aplington-Parkersburg, Shot to Death in School's Weight Room


Wow. Ed Thomas, shot at point blank range multiple times, died at Waterloo's Covenant Hospital this morning. We really don't know what to say, other than that we're glad no kids were attacked and that the suspect's in custody. Past that, this is such an unbelievable tragedy that we're speechless.

Thomas was the high school football coach of Jared DeVries, Aaron Kampman, Casey Wiegmann, and a ton of other Hawkeyes. He won two state titles, was named High School Coach of the Year by the NFL in 2003, and was the rock the town of Parkersburg needed as they rebuild from that massive tornado that flattened the town 13 months ago.

The school even officially renamed their Sacred Acre "Ed Thomas Field" a while back; now, that designation seems more grief-soaked than congratulatory.

This is a giant loss for the town, the state, and sports in general. Rest in peace, Ed.