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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It Selects Antonio Ramos

Joe Fermino Is an Undrafted Free Agent   Our friends at Hawkeye Hardwood, the only Iowa basketball message board we bother reading, have tackled the most interesting of off-season projects: An 8-team fantasy draft of post-1970 Hawkeyes.  The first round shook out as follows:

(1)  Roy Marble (of course)
(2)  Ronnie Lester (probably the only other potential first pick)
(3)  Acie Earl
(4)  Fred Brown (love him, but there's a better point guard on the board)
(5)  Andre Woolridge (yeah, that one)
(6)  John Johnson
(7)  Greg Stokes
(8)  B.J. Armstrong

Other recent notables:  Jess Settles went mid-second round, Reggie Evans, Greg Brunner, and Adam Haluska went in the third, Jeff Horner and Ricky Davis made it into the fourth, and Matt Gatens kicked off round six.  Generally well-researched and well-explained (though Greg Brunner was a real stretch), in marked contrast to what we do.

They May Take Our Appendicies, But They'll Never Take Our Freedom   Matt Gatens had an emergency appendectomy over the weekend and is out indefinitely.  And, by "indefinitely," we mean about a week:

"On Saturday night about midnight he started having stomach pains and he tried to sleep it off," Mike Gatens said. "He came over about 6 o’clock (Sunday) morning, and I kind of figured that’s what happened.

"We went to the hospital, he was in surgery from 11 to 1 and had it taken out."

Mike Gatens said Matt Gatens will be out at least a week from the Prime Time League....

"He won’t miss that much. He’ll play in a week or so," Mike Gatens said.

Good to hear everything went well, and we wish Matt a quick and painless recovery.

Footnotes   The Rivalry, Esq. has succumbed to the offseason doldrums and began a list of the Top 80 Reasons to Love the Big Ten.  Vastly underrated at #79?  The Big Ass Turkey Leg.  Shonn Greene and Matt Kroul spend a night on the town with Mark Sanchez.  Ed Orgeron says "LEMSDAY," regardless of age or gender.  John Daly wants you to cut the music so he can talk to the ladies.