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If You Look For Bryan Bulaga On YouTube, Something Awesome Happens

Here's something you did know: "Bulaga" is Iowan for "You are about to be drive-blocked to death."

Here's something you didn't know: "Bulaga" is Tagalog (that's the first language in the Philippines) for "Surprise," sort of like "Peek-A-Boo."

Also, and here's a shocker: The Philippines have YouTube too. So if you're, say, looking for highlights of Bryan Bulaga online, get ready to lose your damn mind when you see clips from a show called "Eat Bulaga!"

The language gets ludicrously NSFW (no, we're not kidding) - earphones if you're at work - and the content is totally surreal throughout; enjoy:

Eat Bulaga (via er2006)

Here's more about Eat Bulaga!, including something about the "SexBomb Girls." As soon as you pick up all the pieces of your brain that shot out your earholes during the video, go check it out.

Thanks to an alert reader for the heads-up. It came at 1:08 a.m., meaning he was certainly not sober when he saw it. I can't even imagine what a life-changing experience that must have been.