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It's A Celebration

Celebrating the only way I know how.

Today's a fine, fine day, people. Most of you have heard of The Sporting Blog, which features such Blogfrican luminaries as Orson/Spencer from EDSBS, Bethlehem Shoals from Free Darko, and Chris Littmann from First Cuts. Those are just the three names that come most immediately to mind; there isn't a bad writer on the roster.

...until now.

Following a colossal error in judgment, TSB has decided to bring me, Oopsworth Powell Surprisington, in as their weekend editor, starting May 23. Like my stint at the FanHouse, I'll be posting under my given name, Dick Biggington Dirk Thunderpenis Maude Sagtits Adam Jacobi.

You're probably asking, "if this doesn't go into effect until 10 days from now, why are you posting it today instead of one of the 7 articles you've gotten 75% done?" The answer is simple. Because this is bragging, and bragging is fun.

Speaking of bragging...


We were getting the feeling you PSU fans were getting complacent, maybe even cracking a smile here or there, and we cannot have that. Never forget.