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Why James Ferentz Should Or Should Not Be Dismissed

This is a slightly edited* conversation between Hawkeye State and Oops Pow Surprise about the fate of James Ferentz, who was one of three ludicrously overserved football players nailed for public intox Sunday night. Specifically, we discuss whether Ferentz will (or ought to) be dismissed. There are no easy answers.

"Unfortunately for Kirk Ferentz, there's a history of problems here, and it's not helping his cause.

It's hard to say you have control of the team when a player who shares your last name keeps getting in trouble with the law. James Ferentz is an adult who should know how to make good choices, but he clearly has some problems and continues to hurt himself and his dad.

You have to feel for Kirk Ferentz, who now must dismiss his son from the team. He really has no other choice."

OPS: Who said that?

HS: That's Rittenberg. That's no putz.

OPS: I don't think he has to dismiss him, though. It's not like we're talking about DUIs or even multiple arrests

HS: 3 years ago I agree. Now I think TWWL might be right. KF has an image to fight. He can't have his kid running around starting fights with cops like he's Burt Reynolds circa 1977

OPS: I think we're looking at a de facto dismissal followed by a transfer. I don't think KF would embarrass his kid if he didn't have to.

HS: I don't know if he doesn't have to now.

OPS: He didn't kick those kids off after they [allegedly, guys, c'mon.--ed] gangraped a girl. A PAULA and a public intox doesn't quite meet that level of runafoulery.

HS: Yeah, and look at the shit he got for not immediately dismissing them.

OPS: all I'm saying is, Ferentz almost never gives into the hysterical emotional overreactions that fans routinely engage in. I don't think he starts now.

HS: Look, when Swindle is holding your program up as the example of lawlessness, you've got a problem. And when your own fucking son gets picked up twice in six months, there's no better example

OPS: But he doesn't care that much.

HS: When you have an epidemic, hammering the person closest to you is the best way of showing you aren't fucking around.

OPS: But that's never been Ferentz's style, ever. Even fucking Barry Switzer is less "in-house."

HS: He's never been that way, though, because he's never had the opportunity to pull the trigger on that "YOU THINK I'M FUCKING AROUND?" Kaiser Soze moment.

OPS: Again, I think you're ascribing personality traits to Ferentz that I think evidence doesn't support.

HS: OK, I honestly don't know, has anyone on a KF team ever survived two alcohol-related citations/arrests?

OPS: Has anyone ever even had two?

HS: Siaka Massaquoi.

OPS: Well, those were DUIs. Those are way worse.

HS: Sure.

OPS: Two minor alcohol offenses... I don't know.

HS: But I think Rittenberg is right. If you don't pull the trigger here, don't your players think they've got 3 strikes, and doesn't that play into the lawlessness meme at Iowa? And, when your team is predicted about 3rd in the conference after losing 2 4-year starters at DT and the best single season by a back in school history, don't you want to keep any possible heat off your chair?

OPS: He basically put them on indefinite suspension and he's probably going to have a "I can help you transfer" talk with all of them. It's not like he gave them a high five. I don't think your last point enters into KF's equation.

HS: Sure, but it's the Trump moment that everyone wants (everyone, that is, but James Ferentz).

OPS: Fuck 'em.

HS: Well, you die by the sword.

OPS: KF isn't The Apprentice. KF is the finale of the Sopranos.

HS: The more I think about it, the less I think that plays OK with the people who really make the decision on his fate.

OPS: You just wait and see how many headlines KF goes out of his way to make. I'll bet you one firm handshake [bullshit, you said "blowjob" last night.--ed] [I did not!--OPS] [whatevs.--ed.] that James Ferentz doesn't get dismissed without doing something else wrong.

HS: I hate to say it because I think he got picked up on two generally bullshit offenses, but I have to take that bet.

OPS: It's a deal.

*Specifically, we edited out dialogue about David Letterman. Trust me, you're missing nothing.