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Welcome To The NFL, Part 2: The Not Drafteds

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As mentioned to the right, Iowa had a few guys go to schools as undrafted free agents. These are they, or whatever the right grammar is.

In what we can all agree was the most egregious oversight by GMs across the league... Andy Brodell went undrafted. Luckily, the Galloping Ankenyman was quickly scooped up by the Green Bay Packers, where he's already drawing obvious comparisons to Sterling Sharpe. At least that's what this gnome is telling me, because I am fucking tripping balls like crazy right now. Did you know my fingers are made of music?

Matt Kroul is totally going to be roomsies with Shonn Greene after he signed with the New York Jets. We're not really sure why he went there. It's possible that he puts on 30 pounds and becomes a 2-gap stuffer or something; that seems more plausible than playing end in a 3-4 system, since Kroul is as much a defensive end as, oh, KOK is. Hope he goes somewhere else.

Rob Bruggeman went to Tampa Bay, so... say hello to the Brugganeers! Yes, I'm still higher than a kite. He's smallish, but Bruggeman's technical skills and pure work ethic are probably going to be enough for him to stick around--remember that Casey Wiegmann was in the exact same boat when he was coming out of Iowa a few years back.

And then there's Mitch King, who signed with the Titans. We don't have much to say about the Titans, but listen. If 32 general managers can't figure out a way to use a 275-280 pound defensive lineman who was generally regarded as the single most unblockable person in the Big Ten last season, we're pretty sure that's not the lineman's fault. King is like a healthier Jared DeVries, who was a 3rd round pick and has only been in the NFL for 11 years now. Further, if you think King can't learn to play at a high level wherever you need him to play, I'm sorry, you're goddamn foolish.

We can say this with a good amount of confidence: King will stick around and make some coach very happy, probably for longer than most of the 21 defensive tackles that got drafted instead of him.