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Imagine what he thinks of Mark Mangino.  Shortly after arriving in Minneapolis a couple of years ago, Tim Brewster made some waves by allegedly calling Charlie Weis fat.  Brewster issued a string of denials, and the whole thing went away.

Apparently, however, Brewster's hatred of the portly is not limited to fellow coaches.  Last week, a cryptic message appeared on the oft-celebrated Play4Brew Twitter feed (God bless RSS readers; nothing is ever deleted):

The post was taken down almost immediately, surely due in no small part to the fact that the head coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers can't get that "your/you're" dichotomy straight.  That thing is two more ellipses from being a SpartyMSU post.

At first, we just thought Brewster was drunk again.  But the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has an alternate theory: Brewster was taking a cheap shot at columnist Patrick Reusse, who has spent 2 years shredding Brew (and drawing the ire of the Gopher faithful) and who is, how shall we say, obese.

Reusse, in classic Reusse fashion, is above the fray:

"Coach Brew has detected that I'm overweight and that makes him an astute observer. And this situation could in no way lessen my opinion of him."

Minnesota is coming off a campaign where they increased fan expectations considerably, and are staring in the face of a schedule that includes Cal and Air Force (not exactly USC and Florida, but a big upgrade over last season) and an unfortunate rejiggering of the Big Ten calendar in which they avoid Michigan and Indiana.  The worst course of action in such a circumstance is to attack the media.  This is the exact reason why you don't let your coaches use Twitter.  It's also the exact reason why I'm so happy coaches use Twitter.  (T/F/J: 11W for getting to it first, and PantherHawk for the Trib link)

You're dead to me.  In the wake of the Ann Arbor News' death, our SBN brethren at Maize n' Brew take a look at the accelerating demise of the newspaper industry.  While it is a comprehensive and insightful post, I think it discounts one factor:  Everything in Michigan is dying.  Nevertheless, it is an interesting topic, especially considering that the best, most in-depth coverage of Iowa athletics is now being provided by the Gazette sportswriters (Hlas, Morehouse, Doc) primarily via their respective blogs.

I didn't do it.  Nobody saw me do it.  You can't prove a thing.  Nope.  We have nothing to do with this.  Nothing at all.

Hopefully he's more successful than the WB Network.  After his stellar work during the NCAA wrestling championships, BHGP is proud to announce frequent commenter RossWB is coming aboard as Senior Hot Man-on-Man Action Correspondent.  He'll also be contributing where he can, specifically in buying donuts for Oops and HS and distracting the ugly girls while we hit on their hot friends.