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Ohio State Fans Are Really, Really, Really, Really Bad Parents

We don't normally post CHICKS AND BABES YO, mainly because you can go anywhere else on the Internet for that (plus we wouldn't want to step on Pat Forde's toes). But a reader--who will remain nameless--sent this our way, and we feel obligated to post it.


Okay, not bad, not bad. She looks a little familiar.


Say, she seems friendly! And she's an OSU fan to boot! That's great for the scarlet and gray, definitely! I'm sure she's got no personal issues or otherwise massively terrible details.

Wait, what's that? She... she... oh dear God no (picture 99):

These images are from Casey Anthony's Photobucket account. The photos are being considered as evidence for Casey Anthony's upcoming trial involving the murder of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Well then. Until we uncover pictures with Pol Pot in a houndstooth hat and a 'ROLL TIDE" shirt, I think it's safe to say Ohio State fans have locked up the "unbelievably heinous crimes committed by a fanbase" category for a long time. Go... Buckeyes?