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Iconsecretary_medium Hi people, this is Secretary.

Zookicon_medium So I get to the site, and boom, first thing outta Luis' mouth is, "Rick's here," and I think I told you a couple weeks ago, this is like Rick's building himself. Same dude that owns like halfa that Westdale Office Park. Yeah.

Iconsecretary_medium I'd just like to remind you that Bracket Madness is still going on, despite being derailed by the Iowa basketball apocalypse and that NCAA thing.

Zookicon_medium So whatever, I'm up on the third floor getting the girders done, then the foreman tells me I gotta get Rick some ice cream. Me. And I go, you kiddin me? I'm a welder, I don't do no errands, come on, get serious, y'know?

Iconsecretary_medium I'm going against this man, Ron Zook, today.

Zookicon_medium He says no, ice cream's the top priority, he says. Top priority. You kiddin' me, you know. So I ask what kind and this is what he tells me, he says, "mocha nut fudge." I'm thinkin' okay, this is, this has gotta be a prank,

Iconsecretary_medium You may not recognize him, since he thinks he's a construction worker in some suburb out east.

Zookicon_medium so I grab my ass and I says "all right, gimme about 2 hours for lunch to pass through and I got your mocha nut fudge," and foreman gets all pissed.

Iconsecretary_medium And as long as I keep hiding his Red Bull, he's pretty much stuck.

Zookicon_medium So this Rick, Turns out Rick's a diabetic, but since he got all that money, he's all particular about it.

Iconsecretary_medium If you vote against me, why, I might just plain forget where I hid it.

Zookicon_medium So that's what stupid shit I gotta deal with at the site. Meanwhile we're about 3 weeks behind schedule and the Mexicans ain't showing up half the time and Rick can't bring his own damn ice cream with him to work. Fuck outta here...

Iconsecretary_medium Look, I know who's waiting in Round 3. I ain't scared.

Zookicon_medium You ever watch that Larry the Cable Guy fella?

Iconsecretary_medium Vote for me. Because I am going to wreck JoePa's world.


Iconsecretary_medium Fuck you.