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The Old School/College Football Coach Twitter Trifecta Is Now In Play

First, it was Pete Carroll and Will Ferrell, and nobody batted an eye because they're besties and their last names rhyme:

@petecarroll Had dinner with Will Ferrell last night... he's not on Twitter... that must change... Join the campaign to turn him into a tweeter!


@petecarroll We need everyone's support in this campaign! Let's see how much power we've got! WE WANT WILL FERRELL ON TWITTER!!!

But then Brewster tweets this note, which probably isn't even true, and it's clear that something big is at work here:

@play4brew Vince Vaughn is a big Gopher football fan!!

Hahahaha, what?! No he's not!

But back to the important stuff. Do you people understand the gravity of what this means? We are one Luke Wilson shout out away from completing the rare "Impossibly upbeat college football coach tweets about a guy from Old School" trifecta! Nobody even knew it existed 2 hours ago and now it's almost finished! Almost!