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Never Ever Showboat In Front Of An Angry Brent Metcalf

All praise to the Hlog for finding the video of this. Fear the Hlog. Respect the Hlog.

As those of you who followed the wonderfully comprehensive coverage of the 2009 Nationals by RossWB know, this guy for NC State (Darrion Caldwell) was beating Metcalf for the national title in their weight class (full match available here). After a match in which Caldwell rolled around on the mat for injury time, he decided to start celebrating. Oh, did I say "after"? I mean during the final seconds of the match itself. And did I say "celebrating"? I mean showboating like a prick. With nobody between him and an enraged Brent Metcalf. You can imagine how good a decision that was.

Iowa was penalized a point for some reason; what's a wrestler supposed to do when his opponent is doing backflips during the match? Award points on artistic expression and technical merit? Luckily, the penalty didn't cost Iowa the title. Oh wait, let me rephrase that.


Ahem. As you were.