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Good things are happening around the SB Nation. Most of them have nothing to do with sodomy, but are still good in their own quirky way anyway. Here are a few of those things.

The Hoosier Report (remember him?) is now The Crimson Quarry, and he has brought that familiar brand of "allow me to demonstrate how wrong you are" with him. Next in the crosshairs: Bob Knight and Billy Packer.

Rivalry, Esq. has a hero... and it's Bryan Bulaga. How again did Iowa's best lineman from 2008 (sorry, Olsen and Bruggeman, but this was no contest) not make first team All-BXI, again?

TNIAAM is selling Eric Devendorf's jockstrap. Sean, this is a joke, right? Um, right? You're scaring us.

Black Shoe Diaries blames us. Goooood. Let the anger out. One more for the road, BSD: