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As usual, HFMR will be setting up this year's tournament pick-them. We expected him to get it done last night, but instead he got drunk on a Sunday night and huffed some liquid cement. We kick him every now and then and he twitches, so... he's alive and that's cool.

Anyway, when he comes to, we'd like a little information for him. ESPN is still the best place to host one of these things, right? Our three main criteria for hosting our Picksies are probably in this order:

  1. Ease of filling out bracket, especially for those hampered by shitty work computers
  2. Ease of signing up (Yahoo probably wins on this, because who doesn't have a yahoo id, right?)
  3. Maximum size of group
  4. Prizes (realistically, none of us are winning a fucking thing that the site offers)

In other words, is there anything past ESPN or Yahoo that we're missing as a viable host? Otherwise, we'll have your signup info later today. BONUS TOURNEY PROTIP: This is Stephen F. Austin's year.