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That never gets old.

Our long national nightmare is over. My Toshiba - which, to its credit, had run non-stop for four years - kicked the bucket 15 minutes after the Dominique Douglas GEICO post. Now, after two months of writing this blog from a Brother word processor with a "wireless connection" that consisted of two tin cans and fishing wire, I am off to Best Buy to get my new laptop. No longer will I have to email OPS and HFMR for photoshopping. No longer will I have to sit patiently while my computer catches up to my blazing 50 words per minute typing. No longer will I have to push youtube concepts to the back of my mind. Can I get a dual-core processor up in this motherfucka?

Oh, yeah, and Iowa hosts Michigan this afternoon (4:00 CST tipoff, BTN, anouncers TBD). The LOLverines have home wins over UCLA and Duke, and might still have a chance at the NCAA tournament (Lunardi has them as one of the last four teams into the dance this week), but they've been an atrocious 2-6 on the road. Their only road wins have been at Indiana and Northwestern. The bad news, of course, is that we're probably just as bad as those two teams. Nevertheless, with four games to go, this is certainly the last best chance at a win this season for Iowa.

I probably won't be back in time for tipoff, so you're all on the honor system until I return.