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Two Things

I guess neither of these have to do with Iowa sports, but until we start getting some numbers back from the combine, like, what the hell are we supposed to do? Research? Pfft.

1) I'm not the only one who makes excessively vulgar passwords at work, right?

2) I think I want to start a band that's called "Metallica: Yes, THAT Metallica." It's me and some other people who don't know anything about music. We would cover Metallica songs, inasmuch as a group of tone-deaf drunk men can do so with kazoos, multi-colored xylophones, and other instruments made for children.

I should also confess that my primary motivation isn't (only) to look like a total jackass in front of people, but to see how long I can keep it up before Metallica files a lawsuit. I mean that sincerely. I want to get sued by Metallica. No, let me amend that: I want to earn a lawsuit from Metallica. It would be the highlight of my life.

Looking good, ladies.