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Nefarious Evil Twin Dooms Iowa To Failure In Loss At Wisconsin

Visitors to the GameThread last night may remember this curious screencap by alert reader storminspank during pre-games; see if you can figure out what's awry.


Another careless typo by the BTN, you're probably thinking. If only that were true.

The truth of the matter is that it's no accident that you can't see Lickliter's face. And that's because that wasn't Todd Lickliter at all. Todd has been trapped in a dungeon for the last month or so, watching helplessly as his charges drop game after game, losing their hold on what was to be an easy BXI championship (cough).

The BTN wasn't making a mistake. They were warning us. Tim Lickliter is Todd's evil twin, hell-bent on maintaining The One True Way.


Looks can be deceiving! If you think you see Todd, look again! All evil twins have a goatee, anger, red robot eyes, and at least one article of clothing with reversey colors; Tim's just so happens to be the Iowa tie, now in Butler colors.

DO NOT APPROACH EVIL TIM IF YOU SEE HIM. As an evil twin, he will use his ankle injury ray on you without hesitation or remorse. You see what it did to Cyrus Tate and the Iowa season. If he approaches you, do as Tim Doyle did during the game yesterday and praise the Butler Way; it is the only way to escape with your life.