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So Iowa's Getting New Uniforms All Of A Sudden

HSN is breaking an, uh, unexpected story (also noted in the FanPosts) where Iowa will be debuting new uniforms. When, you ask? Fall 2009? 2010? Oh no, next week will do just fine, thank you.


That's what Iowa's going to be decked in starting on Saturday(?!), it looks like. Interesting that Lickliter's shelving the whites entirely ('cept in the starting lineup HEYOOOO!) and going with all gold, all the time at Carver. Also interesting? Snakes! You're telling me they didn't want legs at all? Good luck at spinning class! I TOLD YOU YOU WERE STUPID FOR BUYING THAT BALLY'S MEMBERSHIP YOU FUCKASS [I'll just cut it off here. It went on for like 200 more words and was thoroughly incoherent. Suffice it to say that challenging 15-20 garter snakes to a fistfight does not meet the journalistic standards we hold at BHGP and SBN. and we are exploring several disciplinary options, including but not limited to restricting OPS' daily whisky regimen to after sundown. His coworkers are worried.--ed]

Sorry, got a little off track. That was not me; that's just the Iowa passion [Jim Beam--ed] talking. What do you think of the new uniforms?