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Adrian Clayborn Will Be Speaking Through An Interpreter Today

Iconmarcmo_medium So, Adrian, what do you make of

Iconclayborn_medium Please, all questions go through my dog.

Iconmarcmo_medium Wait, why did you bring a dog? Are you serious?

Iconclayborn_medium As a motherfucking heart attack.

Iconmarcmo_medium What'd you name it?

Iconclayborn_medium I named him after my favorite reporter, so, Bark Morehouse.

Iconmarcmo_medium Aw, thanks!

Iconclayborn_medium Just kidding, his name is Ace.

Iconmarcmo_medium :-(

Iconmarcmo_medium So, um...

Iconclayborn_medium Talk to the dog.

Iconmarcmo_medium So "Ace."


Iconace_medium arf

Iconmarcmo_medium How do you think your master's going to treat Josh Nesbitt next month?

Iconace_medium Ruff!

Iconclayborn_medium Told you the dog's smart.

Iconmarcmo_medium You actually didn't tell me anything close to that.

Iconclayborn_medium Yes I did.

Iconmarcmo_medium Okay sir.

Iconmarcmo_medium And, pooch, what do you think of Paul Johnson as a worthy adversary?

Iconace_medium (growls)

Iconmarcmo_medium Haha, this is great.

Iconmarcmo_medium Your thoughts on Jonathan Dwyer?

Iconace_medium (pisses on the carpet)

Iconmarcmo_medium Okay, this is ridiculous and unsanitary. I think I got urine on my shoes. Can we just stop this?

Iconclayborn_medium Fine. And I didn't train him to answer any of those questions. He just felt like barking and pissing.

Iconmarcmo_medium Weird. So then, Adrian, your thoughts on Jon Dwyer?

Iconclayborn_medium (pisses on the carpet)